Ms. Ayesha Aziz

Independent Director

Years of experience: 30+ years in financial services sector

Education: MBA (Institute of Business Administration, Karachi)

Professional Qualifications: CFA Charterholder

Ayesha Aziz has more than 30 yeas of financial sector experience in leadership positions and is a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Her area of expertise is strategy and finance engineering and her functional roles have been in Investment Banking, Treasury, Credit and Planning. As founding Managing Director of Pak Brunei Investment Company, Ms. Aziz helped position the company as a leading investment bank with a focus on project finance, SME and distress asset financing.

Over the course of her career, she oversaw the establishment of two new DFIs as well as non-banking finance companies for microfinance, asset management, Islamic finance, and SME leasing.

Apart from Haleon Pakistan, Ms. Aziz also serves on the Board of Engro Polymer and Chemicals Limited, KSB Pumps Company Limited and Alfalah Asset Management Ltd. She is the Managing Partner in White Clover Consulting which was established to develop and monetise green projects, apart from providing financial advisory services.