Our leading brands are built on science, innovation and human understanding and are trusted by millions of consumers globally. Haleon has a strong portfolio of brands and is well positioned to play a vital role for people all around the world, in a sector that is growing and more relevant than ever.

The definition of consumer healthcare varies across competitors and industry data sources. We define it as consisting of Oral Health, Pain relief, Respiratory Health, and Wellness and Nutrition

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Our Brands

Pain Relief

Pain Relief category includes brands that are built on a strong history of trust and credibility spanning over several decades. Our flagship brand, Panadol, is Pakistan’s leading brand within the analgesics segment. The other top brand Voltral, is one of Pakistan’s best-selling topical pain reliever.

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Oral Health

We specialize in oral health solutions and utilize cutting-edge technology to address issues such as sensitivity and bleeding gums in consumers worldwide.


Respiratory Health

Respiratory Health portfolio includes Panadol CF and Panadol CF Day, designed for the treatment of cold and flu. Other brands include T-Day and Actifed range for relief from cough, allergies, and cold & flu.

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Wellness and Nutrition

Haleon Pakistan Limited provides a range of leading products in the Nutrition and Gastrointestinal category that are helping consumers improve strength and stamina and maintain digestive health.


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